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DAY 01

Your spiritual expedition begins with your arrival at the Queen Alia International airport in Amman, Jordan, where you will be greeted by one of our representatives.Once you have completed all formalities at the airport, you will head 30km southward to the historical city of Madaba, where you will witness some of the finest pieces of Byzantine mosaic art in the world. One of the signature attractions in this ancient city is the famous 6th Century mosaic, “Map Palestine”, which is considered one of the oldest maps of the Holy Land,currently in existence! You will also be able to visit the historic Mount Nebo, which some believe is the resting place of the tomb of Moses.Upon ascending the historic site, you will have the privilege of basking in the incredible views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, in addition to seeing Jerusalem, in the distance. Take a few moments to enshrine this memory in your minds – it will be unlike anything you have experienced.

Once you have taken in these amazing sights, you can try out the delicious local cuisine at a local restaurant nearby. After lunch, you will drive straight to the Sheikh Hussein Bridge border, complete all immigration formalities, and head across the border to Nazareth, Israel. Upon arriving in Nazareth, you will visit the famous Mount Precipice, which, according to many is believed to be the site of the Rejection of Jesus (Luke 4:29-30).

After this incredible day, filled with cultural and spiritual vigor, you will arrive at your hotel in Nazareth and have the rest of the night to yourself. Kick back, relax, have some dinner, and enjoy your night!

Please note that this itinerary is subject to change,based on your arrival time and flight schedule.

Overnight stay – Nazareth

DAY 02

The second day of your tour includes many historically significant sights that are home to a few of Jesus’ most momentous acts. You start the day off with a delicious breakfast, followed by a drive to Tiberias, where youwill hop on for a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee – following the exact same route that Jesus and his disciples did.You will then visit the Mount of Beatitudes, which is the site at which Jesus delivered his famous “Sermon on the Mount”.After this, you will visit the Church of Primacy, which commemorates and marks the spot where Jesus reinstated Peter as chief among the Apostles.Following this, you will visit the Church of Multiplication, where Jesus is said to have blessed his disciples’ fish and bread, by multiplying them.

You then move on to visit Capernaum – Jesus’ second home - and see the beautiful ancient ruins of the synagogue, as well as the site of St Peter’s home.We recommend that you try out some of St. Peter’s delicious fish at the nearby St. Peter’s restaurant.

You will then have the unique experience of attending a special baptism service for pilgrims, held at the unique Yardenit Baptismal site on the banks of the Jordan River. Continue to the final leg of your visit by heading to the famous Mount Tabor, also known as the Mount of Transfiguration -climb it to enjoy an incredible view! Cap of your day with a visit to a local wine shop in Cana – their wine comes highly recommended, so grab a few bottles as souvenirs, if you would like to.p>

Overnight stay – Nazareth

DAY 03

Your morning kicks off with a scintillating breakfast, followed by another full day of visits to famous historical sites. You go straight to St. Mary’s Well, just below the Church of Annunciation, which is the site at which the angel, Gabriel, appeared to the Virgin Mary and announced that she would bear the son of God.You then visit the Church of Joseph - the location of St. Josephs original carpentry shop.

You then head back to your hotel, collect your belongings, and drive straight to Bethlehem Stop in Jaffa – this is where Peter raised Tabitha who, according to the Acts of the Apostles, was one of the disciples from the dead.You then continue to Haifa – Israel’s third largest city and the main home base of the Israeli Navy. Proceed to Mount Carmel Stella Maris where you will find a stunning monastery, with a magnificent view of the Cave of Elijah,the Prophet.Next up is a quick visit to the breathtaking Baha’i Hanging Gardens of Haifa – you will take a break here and grab some lunch at a restaurant nearby.

You then proceed to visit the famous Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus,and the Church of St. Catherine. Make a stop at the famous Milk Grotto – this beautiful and serene site is frequently visited by many women in search ofthe intercession of Mary. It is said that, while Mary was nursing Jesus, some of her milk spilled within these confines, turning the entire grotto into a unique myriad of white spots.

Overnight stay – Bethlehem

DAY 04

Start your day off with an early morning breakfast in Bethlehem and head over to Jerusalem via St. Stephen Gate.From here, you will move on to the Pool of Bethesda, where it was here that a man, crippled for 38 years, was miraculously healed. You go from this special site to the Church of St. Anne, before taking a beautiful walk along the Via Dolorosa -also known as The Way of the Cross. Stops will be made at every station and you will get to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchers, Mt. Calvary and Golgotha, followed by a walk to the Garden Tomb – the site of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Continue your tour by travelling to Mt. Zion, including the Upper room - built directly above the Tomb of David. After this, head over to Dormition Abbey and arrive at the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu – the site where Peter wept upon the third crow of the rooster, marking his denial of Jesus Christ. You will also get to witness the dungeon in which Jesus was imprisoned, before being taken to trial – take a few moments to visualize this in your mind because it is a surreal experience. You will then follow this powerful experience by taking a few minutes to rest and grab some lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch, you will continue your drive on to the Mount of Olives and see the Church of the Ascension of Jesus. At this site, where Jesus ascened to Heaven, you have the unique experience of observing the footprints of Jesus on the rock. Next, you will walk to the Pater Noster Church, which stands on the traditional site where Jesus taught The Lord’s Prayer. You will then follow this up with a visit to the Chapel of Dominus Flevit – it was here that Jesus wept for the old city of Jerusalem. You also have the option of attending Mass at the Chapel. After Mass, you can step out to admire the view of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Continue to the Church of Agony, Garden of Gethsemane, and the Church of All Nations. If you are interested, you also have the option of visiting the place where the Blessed Mother’s body is buried - the Church of Mary Magdalene. Please keep in mind that this visit is entirely dependent on how much time you have left in the day.

With only a few places left for the day,you will then head over to the St. John the Baptist Church, which was built in the 1st Century and is also the alleged birthplace of John the Baptist.Your final visit of the day is to the Church of the Visitation – a traditional site, honoring the visit Mary paid to her cousin Elizabeth, who was John’s mother.

After a long and enthralling day, you return to your hotel to kick back, relax, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Overnight stay – Bethlehem

DAY 05

Kick off your last day in Bethlehem with a tasty breakfast at the hotel before driving to visit the house of Mary and Martha, and the Tomb of Lazarus.After this, head over to Jericho and visit the Mount of Temptation by cable car, before proceeding to view the Sycamore Tree that Zacchaeus the tax collector climbed to catch sight of Jesus.Next up is an exciting stop at the Dead Sea –the lowest point on earth and the saltiest sea. The high levels of salt in the water, alter its density and make it easier for you to float –consider a swim here if you would like to experience something different!

After your swim, you will stop for lunch at a local restaurant, following which you will continue to theIsraeli-Jordanian border. You will thencomplete all necessary immigration formalities before crossing over the Sheikh Hussein Bridgeinto Jordan. Enjoy dinner at your hotel in Amman and take it easy for the rest of the night.Consider walking around the city, one last time, before you prepare for your flight back home the next day.

Overnight stay – Amman

DAY 06

The last day of your tour starts off with a relaxing breakfast at your hotel before leaving to the airport to catch your flight back home. You will need to be at the airport several hours in advance to catch your flight on time, so please keep this under advisement.

DAY 07

Welcome back home! We hope you enjoyed your religious and spiritual expedition, filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Note that this itinerary is subject to change, based on your departure and flight schedule.

____TOUR ENDS________

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