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Travel Guide to Sri Lanka

Travel Guide to Sri Lanka

You don’t have to be a first time traveller to get caught up in the excitement of preparing for your trip, especially when the destination is the beautiful and exotic island of Sri Lanka, so we’ve jotted down our top tips to ensure a safe and hassle-free holiday!


This may be an obvious one but often we hear stories of travellers being stranded due to various reasons. Ensuring that you have adequate travel insurance when visiting any country, not just Sri Lanka should be at the top of your to-do list. Whether its injury, sickness, change in travel plans due to work etc, you know that you are covered for any unforeseen expenses that couple prove to be expensive. Click here to visit our own Travel Insurance page


Voted as National Geographic’s Top Travel Destination in 2015, Sri Lanka is rapidly becoming a much sort after travel destination for those seeking unspoiled vistas and unique experiences. Due to this increasing popularity, hotels and other accommodation are booked out, often well before hand. To ensure that you get your preference with destinations and hotels, where possible try to book well in advance.


Ensure you’ve packed light, with lightweight cotton clothing. If you haven’t already, you can get your entry permit it advance via – completing this at the airport incurs a US$35 fee, and is processed in a separate queue before immigration. Now’s the time to also change travellers cheques or cash into local currency – you’ll get much better rates than at hotels while travelling!

We highly recommend always obtaining quality travel insurance, regardless of where you travel!


Inform your bank of your overseas trip to avoid your card being blocked while touring Sri Lanka. Be aware that some ATM’s in Sri Lanka don’t automatically return your card until you select another key. Always tip in cash to ensure they person you wish to reward actually gets it!


Keep money tucked in tight, hidden pockets and avoid travelling with excessive jewellery or unnecessary items – temptation is strong in places where there are not a lot of these things!

ONLY drink bottled water that is opened in front of you, and avoid ice unless you can be certain it wasn’t made with tap water.


Before you embark on your journey it is always a good idea to research about Sri Lanka. Click here to read our top must-travel destinations in Sri Lanka. With its rich culture, ancient architecture, world beating beaches, abundant rainforests and spectacular wildlife, you don’t want to miss out by not being prepared.


Decide what you want to get out of your visit to Sri Lanka ie Sight-seeing, unwinding & relaxing, wild life spotting, luxurious pampering and adventure seeking are just some of the things you can do in Sri lanka. Whilst there are a multitude of unforgettable experience to be had, here are just a very few of the amazing things to see and do:


  • Ancient Sri Lankan King’s fortress of Sigiriya Rock where King Kashyapa defended his empire from his brother. Now a protected UNESCO world Heritage site, some of Sigiriya rocks secrets are still yet to be explained by modern science.
  • Leopard spotting at Yala or Wilpattu National parks. These leopards are the largest of their kind in the world and are a special treat for those keen eyed spotter lucky enough to catch a glimpse
  • Surfing Sri Lanka’s best waves in world renowned Arugam Bay
  • Unwind and relax in the clouds in the mountain area at the famous “World’s end Lodge” eco lodge where you can see straight to the see from atop the mountain
  • Visit the world oldest man planted tree, the Sri Maha Bodhiya tree, whose mother tree from which it was propagated, is said to be the famous Bodhi tree where Lord Budha himself gained enlightenment underneath.
  • The tea estates of the mountainous area of Nuwara Eliya where “Ceylon tea came to be”, renowned for some of the best tea in the world. You can still see the old practices of tea plantation and hand harvesting going on to this day.
  • Voted as some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth, Passikudah, Benthota, Hikkaduwa beaches are an absolute must
  • Party it up in the beach parties of Hikkaduwa into the wee hours of the morning


Enjoying yourself is by far the most important aspect of your Sri Lankan holiday – and when touring Sri Lanka, there’s a lot to enjoy! We recommend booking an extended holiday, as travel times between places can sometimes be longer than expected.

Watch this space for further tricks and tips that will help you achieve a holiday you’ll never forget… for all the right reasons! For more information or to book your Sri Lanka holiday, contact us today!